Incremental business

Marketing with us

Forerez Ensure its Global Hoteliers for Designing the strategy of selling and promoting. Which help in utilizing all the recourse which Forerez avail at global platform to fulfill the sales and to earn maximum profits. Forerez Promotes and segment the markets according to its requirements and niche. So that right selling and promotion should be done on right markets.

Global Approach

Keeping the Motto for usage of Forerez worldwide, Forerez still covering Maximum agents of different countries and serving them Maximum of its inventories live on the system. Dividing the market according to its seasonality, we successfully approached the maximum customers through travel agents to minimize the loss In low or off seasons.


We always emphasis of long term business relationships, so we have simplify the most hassled and complicated part. With Forerez you can easily get rewarded what you have served. With the easy step of accounting and dedicated experienced staff we can say that all the hoteliers get the payments on time by filling and send the statements online and in easy Excel format.

On time to time you can send the statement to
or you can directly contact with our Hotel contracting person at: +91-124-2658800