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Onyx Payments Agent Commission Processing – Our industry-leading travel agency service
The largest consolidator of hotel commissions for the global hotel and travel industries

As airline commissions have dwindled, travel agencies have scrambled to re-focus resources on collecting hotel commissions to remain profitable. In a world where agencies can still deliver 30 percent of bookings to hotels, Onyx Payments’ Agent Commission Processing service helps the agent who books become the agent who gets paid. As a result, Onyx Payments’ clients find commission processing far more efficient and less costly than performing the service themselves.

Collect what is owed…

Agencies that tap Onyx Payments’ Agent Commission Processing service maximize revenue by reconciling and accounting for everything that is paid or due. Sharing this intelligence with our clients allows them to interpret commission business; sharing this intelligence with corporate accounts not only increases your value as a travel buyer, but also optimizes your opportunity.

Did you know?

  • Nearly all travel agencies are missing between 10% and 12% of commissions owed, which can rise up to 30% without reconciliation and chasing
  • Agent Commission Processing helps reduce costs, as most electronic data and payments eliminate manual data entry
  • Improved cash flow creates immediate access to funds
  • With payment available in 29 distinct currencies, commissions are paid on time, every time with options for direct deposit available
  • Expensive bank fees for exchanging and depositing foreign currencies decrease significantly with electronic payments
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