Complete Technology
Technology you can better rely on has now emerged with its better technology within the travel industry. Our objective is to minimize the cost of every single service we provide to our agents by many of filtering methods and API/XML integration from large number of supplier’s worldwide. We proceed to automate booking engine to achieve better rate, last minute availability and all possible hotel’s information.

Best Booking Engine

With full dynamic hotel management capabilities, clients can book accommodation, transfers, activities and Tours through our best driven booking engine supported website It’s password-protected online booking system with the most streamlined and efficient website in the market, you get the fastest search results and availability.

XML / API platform

We provide seamless integration to our hotels, attractions, transfers and car hire product.

Currency Management

We do our booking transaction in almost all currency. We deal with 180 type of currency and it updates automatically in support of some best currency update system.

Interactive Hotel Maps & Photo Tours

View properties on a satellite map or browse from an extensive array of photos before booking. E-Quotations: We provide a unique e-quotation system where our agent can send hotel quotation to his/her clients with his/her own brand logo with or without pricing. Agent Branded Auto Voucher: Voucher process of is easy and business friendly as its voucher has no where logo but its agent company name and logo to make our agents brand and identity value in their region.

Invoice Settlement

When our client issue a vouchure, at the same time our system generates a invoice that needs to be settled for the sake of complete booking trasiction and to get a receipt against the amount paid to a particular booking.

Credit Rotation

Its a unique system where a client once facilited by a credit must be benefited for long. It's a cycle where given credit returns to clients when they settle booking invoice and get its receipt.