Channels Of Distribution
Sales and technical support every step of the way

Service beneficiary of has 6,100 clients that make us robust network in asia pacific region. With three different ways that clients work with us:, White Label and XML/API; provides diversified channels to distribute high quality products. Through other brands of our mother company ‘Fore Representations & Travels Ptv.Ltd’, we can provide you full Retail exposure, as well as, opaque Retail exposure if requested.

This easy-to-use, password protected website provides access to every product line with a less response time. Clients have free access to dynamic packaging, detailed filters, easy to use maps, reservation search and amendments in their own currency. It has integrated with vast accounting system where every transaction has logged and full fledged report.

XML / Web services

Providing seamless integration to hotels and services, our XML / Web services channel generates 30 percent of total revenue as of now. Our dedicated Professional Services team provides constant support with connectivity, testing, mapping and optimization to ensure your product reaches their demand. White Labels: White Labels are our customized websites for companies seeking a 24/7 customer-facing booking platform. are providing access to your complete product range with robust technology.

Robust Channel Distribution

Being a robust presence in India and Asia pacific, has clients in more than 60 different counties worldwide. Our reach to our client can be seen from Europe to Asia as our office are in located in London, Germany, Dubai, Thailand and India.

Payment Option

One of the most reliable segments, supplies major credit card (Visa, Master card, Mestro), American Express, bank and direct deposit option ensuring that your price is protected and your product distributed to a high-end target market.